quotation marksKaren Martini has been a gift for my family over the past few years! She has been there to tutor my children in varying subjects, which in turn has given both my husband and myself peace of mind.

Our children aren't just going through the motions of their academic curriculum, but eagerly learning and comprehending their education due to the wonderful guidance of Karen. She makes learning fun while addressing all of their discrepancies.

We love Karen and highly recommend her services to anyone seeking support for their children!quotation marks

Honey Rinicella, parent

quotation marksDuring my thirteen years as Headmaster of the Crossroads School, Karen Martini was a strong anchor within an excellent faculty. Ms. Martini is a caring and dedicated teacher who was admired and respected by her students and their parents as well as by her colleagues. She is well trained in the technical aspects of teaching children with learning disabilities, and she continues to work to expand her knowledge.

Her work is distinguished by her thoughtful planning, meticulous attention to detail, and the sensitive way she deals with everyone, including students, parents, and her fellow teachers. Karen is a fine teacher and colleague.quotation marks

George Vosburgh, Vosburgh Educational Consulting

quotation marksAfter starting to homeschool my 10-year-old son, I realized I was not prepared to meet his needs in certain academic subjects. He is dyslexic and needed a teacher with training and experience to teach him reading, writing, and arithmetic.

I was so relieved to find Karen Martini at Eagle Center for Learning! She worked with my son one-on-one six hours a week, and he learned as much or more than he would have in a tradition classroom setting.

Karen worked hard to make it fun and interesting for him, reading books he would like and doing lots of projects so he gained a firm understanding of the concepts while being creative and using his imagination.

Crafts are one of Karen's hobbies and strengths, and she loves to bring them into the lessons. The kids love it, and sometimes it doesn't even feel like learning! But learn they do, and we are very grateful to Karen and Eagle Center for Learning for a very productive year.quotation marks

Bethany Asplundh, parent

quotation marksDuring her years at the Crossroads School, Karen Martini consistently demonstrated both instructional and professional strength while delivering to our learner the best educational methods, programs and strategies available. Karen has devoted herself to helping children find the way over the wall their language-based learning differences have put in front of them.

With empathy, skill and dedication, she has helped to make the difference for numerous students and has sent them on their way, armed with self-knowledge, personal strategies and strong self-advocacy skills. Karen is among the best teachers I have ever known. She truly has what it takes to be a model of excellence in the field of education.quotation marks

Elizabeth Ratay, Head of Crossroads School

quotation marksMiss Martini was one of my fifth-grade teachers at the Crossroads School. Her kindness never failed, and her gentle teaching manner made learning the English language easier and even fun. She had us do creative new projects to stimulate our minds and had fun art projects for special occasions.

Coming to her class as an unsure eleven-year-old, Ms. Martini helped me grow and develop both in school and socially. Her patient teaching style helped us kids to learn, and her insistence in having everyone understand the lessons makes her a great teacher.quotation marks

Olivia Farrell, former student

quotation marksKaren's obvious talents as a teacher are evident in her work with individual students and groups. She has expertise in working with students with learning differences, which makes her well suited for meeting the needs of individual students in any classroom. She is able to differentiate instruction, making each child successful in gaining skills and growing in independence as a learner. A compassionate educator, Karen strives for success for every student, regardless of individual learning needs.

Karen is able to clearly articulate a child's learning needs and how parents can support their child at home...She is a veteran educator who brings an uncommon blend of personal dedication with expertise in instruction.quotation marks

Jennifer Cordivari, Certified School Psychologist & Reading Specialist

quotation marksOur daughter, Jennifer, was diagnosed with a dyslexia type learning disability after she completed second grade. She stayed one more year at her school then was moved to The Crossroads School. When she entered fourth grade she was about two years behind grade level in reading. She was still behind after her first year there. In fifth grade she had Ms. Karen Martini as her teacher. By the end of the year, she was on level for reading.

We saw a dramatic difference in Jennifer's ability to comprehend reading material after being taught by Karen Martini. This past year she returned to her original school and with the help of Ms. Martini as a weekly tutor she did well in both reading and math and obtained an 88 overall GPA for the sixth grade (with very few modifications to her curriculum).

We highly recommend Karen Martini for any child who struggles in school and especially for those with learning disabilities. quotation marks

Carolyn and Joe Kraft, parents

quotation marksWow! Wow! and double Wow! Karen is a godsend as she has diligently worked to provide engaging reading, writing and math support as my son's tutor for over eight years.

She has my highest recommendation as a tutor for any child but especially a child with a learning disability, attention deficit issues, or other learning challenges. We have been very fortunate to have had Karen's support. She has the teaching expertise to map out detailed lesson plans in a learning environment that helped my son maintain honors throughout middle school.

This summer my son attended the Eagle Center for Learning, working with Karen for reading and Stacey for math. When I would come to pick him up, he would often remark, "Oh!, time's up?" as he admitted that not only did he learn "stuff" but he actually had fun. quotation marks

Dr. Chris Connors, parent