Science Enrichment Programs

Welcome to Merlin's World of Science Laboratory

Our Mission: to demystify the seemingly complex world of science!


Through an interactive, hands-on approach, Dr. John Ullrich inspires young minds to explore the wonderful universe of science. All experiments and lessons are developed according to the American Chemical Society, and guidelines follow the Journal of Chemical Education.

Inside Merlin's laboratory students will be exposed to a vast array of scientific concepts. In his innovative approach, John is dedicated to providing the opportunity for children ages 5-13 to engage in the wonders that science offers.

Younger Wizards (5-8 years old) will participate in exciting experiments and will receive a Young Wizards Certificate upon course completion.


  • What is that slimy stuff on a dragon's toes?
  • Can we make Dragon Slime?
  • Can we make different colored Dragon Slime?

Dragon Water

  • Watch water burn
  • Learn how dragons are able to ignite rivers and lakes


  • What are crystals?
  • How do they form?
  • Can we build a crystal tower?
  • Build your own crystal garden

Magical Solutions

  • Demon Lemonade (don't drink this one)
  • Changing a solution's color by voice commands
  • Alchemist's Voice Test: determining which young wizard has the true power to become a full wizard

Elf Bubbles

  • Floating Bubbles
  • Dancing Raisins
  • Capturing elf bubbles
  • Crazy Gnome Water

Troll Waters

  • Make heavy items float on water
  • Elfin Layered Color Water
  • Wizard Floating Vessel

More experienced Wizards (9-13 years old) will learn about the atomic world, chemical reactions, solubility of solids, gases, polymers, etc., and will receive a Wizards Certificate upon course completion.

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