Programs for Homeschoolers

Specialized Programs for the Homeschooled

Groups are always forming for our variety of enrichment programs. Students are grouped according to age and grade level. Call or email now for the schedule for your child's age group. You may register for as many classes as you like to fit your schedule. Classes run throughout the year.

Contact us for information or to register. Classes are taught by our certified teachers and reading specialists.

Writing Workshops

Our writing workshops are designed to improve writing skills through a variety of activities. We focus on all steps of the writing process to improve organization, content, vocabulary and grammar skills. These workshops are offered for students in elementary, middle and high school.

Literary Circles

This Youth Book Club targets 6th – 8th graders who wish to explore the classics in a relaxed literary circle.

Math Marvels

Students explore math using concretes and fun hands-on activities to explore content areas including fractions, geometry, etc. Appropriate for primary ages.

Merlin's World of Science

One of our really cool offerings, taught by Dr. John Ullrich. Check out the details!

Portfolio Evaluations/Informal Assessments

We offer portfolio evaluations which can be scheduled at your convenience in your home. The fee for the visit and the written evaluation is $40.00 per student. Evaluations are completed within 2-3 days of the visit.

We are also available to conduct informal assessments in reading and math. We can consult with you to plan or strategize instruction for your student.

Parent Workshops

We offer parent workshops for coop groups, which are tailored to the specific needs or interests of your group.